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Fast and flexible credit with Creditic

In an economic context in which it is difficult to request an urgent loan that is not a small amount through online loan financing companies, whoever needs another type of service can have it complicated.

There are more and more companies like Creditic, companies that decide to finance individuals by granting online credits with different characteristics to help you at times of your life when a small loan does not solve your problems.

A company characterized by its flexibility, transparency and speed that has helped to finance individuals, through mini-credits, from many countries in the world, mostly in Europe and in America.

What products does it offer?

What products does it offer?

There are two products that Creditic sells, according to the needs of each client. Depending on the characteristics needed, you can ask for large amounts of money and go back little by little, or instead, access a continuous line of credit.

The first one is term loans, that is, urgent money ranging from € 100 to € 3000 with the possibility of returning it in a maximum of 3 years. The second option allows you to have freedom and tranquility, since you have a line of credit open that allows you to access liquidity permanently.
It must be said that these types of financing have interests lower than those of microcredits, although in comparison with traditional financing entities these rates are quite high, around 80% APR.

Ask for a loan with Creditic

Ask for a loan with Creditic

Even having significant differences, both products share the denomination of urgent loans, a flexible and comfortable way of fast loans.
The quick credit is the right option if what we want is to obtain a quantity of money in a given moment to solve some need. It has the advantage of obtaining liquidity and being able to pay the installments calmly in a simple and comfortable manner on a monthly basis. Up to 2 years.

This type of personal loans are a more traditional way of obtaining credit, the advantage is that you can choose to pay a fixed monthly fee and add it to the monthly payments within the domestic economy. If at any time you enjoy an added income you will be able to amortize part of the debt or this entire without any additional cost to your quick loans. Thanks to the Creditic team you will be able to carry out the repayment of your loans online comfortably in a fast and simple way, adapting to your needs.

The direct credit line has the same characteristics as the quick loan in terms of the maximum amount, € 3000. The difference is that while with fast loans you get the requested amount directly and pay pre-established interest, with the direct credit line you will have the option to access the same amount, but you will only pay interest for the amount of money used .

This last characteristic is better explained below. The € 3000 you have is a kind of private area in which through transfers you will be able to have this money available in your bank account. The interests of the mini-credits will be calculated on this amount.

Be careful, you will have to choose the balance point between transfers, borrowed money and interest. I mean, the first transfer to your bank account will not cost you any extra. On the other hand, starting from the second transfer they start to charge a 4.8% commission, so that to be advantageous to adopt this way of financing, we will have to find the best way to avoid accumulating large costs of services to acquire microcredits.

What do you need?

What do you need?

To request credits online with Creditic, it will be enough to dedicate a little time since the service is very easy and intuitive. First, and to verify the authenticity, you will have to provide your ID number and your mobile phone. You will receive a security code that will allow you to access a form that will detail the characteristics of your online loans, such as the amount required and the terms in which you will return the amount.
The great flexibility allows the verification team formed by experts to answer the viability of their proposal within 15 minutes. If everything goes well, you already have your credit fast.

Another advantage is the acceptance of Creditic customers belonging to any list of defaulters or Financial Credit Institutions. First of all, their work situation will be valued, reducing the importance of the client’s past credit situation.

How to return your credit to the loan?

How to return your credit to the loan?

One of Creditic’s many novelties focuses on how to repay the loan. Along with the already mentioned possible amortizations, you will be able to return the personal loans through the traditional bank transfer, through a credit card, or through the popular Paypal company. In addition, it is possible to make the transfer by telephone, 902 201 232, or even from the bank itself.


In short, Creditic is a very useful financing mechanism since, through its two products, quick loan or access to direct credit line, we will be able to get urgent money comfortably since this company is based on the granting of fast credits of a Fast, flexible way and adapting to the needs of the client. To do this, you will be able to amortize your credit monthly, being able to provide extra amounts if necessary, and it will not be an impediment to be even in some Financial Credit Institutions delinquency list.

Like any other line of financing, the step between a good business and a bad one is the degree of interests and expenses for services that we support. To do this, you must carry out an exhaustive and considerate study of your personal situation, if you will be able to return the fast credits in the required conditions and if you are going to be able to support the interests, of which you have to plan the possible minimums so that it ends up being a good experience.

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